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"I don't wanna read more, I just want to get started!"

If that's you, click through to Get Unstuck, the most popular type of session to get into effortless action.

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Services Overview

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One-on-one sessions for self-discovery, feeling better first, and life design.

Most packages are 1 or 3 sessions for flexibility & affordability. If you're looking for custom support or want to describe your situation, you can fill out this form.


Like is an ongoing supportive space with group calls (including coaching and co-working) and a social space.


The sliding scale makes it easy to join for a year as a space to gently grow and integrate. Like members have access to sliding scale coaching sessions as desired.


This is the signature program for completing projects with your AuDHD brain and body on board. For mid-career artists and/or entrepreneurs who are ready to have all their hard work pay off.


Mattia loves teaching, facilitating, and speaking in other people's spaces! They've received rave reviews. 

Please email with a few details about your event or group to start the conversation.


The concrete and tangible suggestions are an empowering ellipsis to the ongoing inner healing work. Healing is nonlinear, and it’s been lovely to add some actionable, AuDHD, my-brain-specific ideas.


You helped me process so much trauma around work and money. A few weeks later it's all starting to come together in my mind and I know that it's a short distance from there to making it a reality.


I loved that your approach wasn't about tricking or forcing the brain or body to do things, but understanding the barriers and safety mechanisms that get in the way of doing what I want. We moved at my own pace, and attended to real issues around energy levels and preventing burnout.
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More About Current Services

There are links below to learn more and/or purchasing page.


If your situation feels different, you can share what you're looking for here

Regarding that How Can I Help form: "Thank you so much for making reaching out so much easier! This form is amazing. I can really tell that you care about neurodivergent people." - Sarah S

AuDHD Coaching & Hypnosis (one-on-one sessions)

This is the fastest way to get started if you're ready to dive in. It's also in some ways the most gentle, because it's completely targeted to your needs and how your brain works. 


Mattia is especially skilled at helping when you feel stuck. That can be as small as a habit that stopped working for you, or as large as planning a major career change.


Click here for a full list of available sessions/modalities. You may also request a custom package. The most popular sessions are Get Unstuck, and the 3-session Deep Dive. Please note that sliding scale prices are available for Like Your Brain members, because... 

Like Your Brain is designed to provide gentle ongoing support at a very accessible sliding scale price. There's nothing else like it!

This is part of Mattia's mission to create materials and spaces for all points in the AuDHD journey. Rather than trying to forge ahead quickly, Like is designed around the idea that when plants are given water, sunlight, and good soil, they naturally grow.

Through a community space, 3+ calls per month including coaching and co-working, and additional resources, you can move at your own pace. Like Your Brain is designed to be a long-term space from which you can add on a deep dive with Mattia as needed, then return to the group to integrate.

Like Your Brain (gentle ongoing group support)

Love Your Brain Course

Love Your Brain is for AuDHD* creatives and/or entrepreneurs who are ready for all the work they've put in to pay off.


Love Your Brain is about discovering your own repeatable, sustainable process for completing the projects that align with your deepest interests. 


It has two practical ways to get there: 
1. Increasing your sense of safety and effectiveness in the practical side of life (getting your brain and body on board)

2. Making meaningful and measurable steps toward your personalized creative project and/or business goals.

Those two tracks together—even if you spend the minimum of around two hours a week—can have some spectacular results. Click the link below for the full description. 

*Clients who are just Autistic OR ADHD have also been successful in Love Your Brain!

"I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on my life, and this program was the single best thing I did to make that happen." - Marie

Since they started learning formal speaking skills when they were 11, Mattia has loved teaching, speaking, and facilitating. They've especially enjoyed opportunities to speak and teach in other people's programs and events.

Two particular presentations that are ready to go: 

1. Being a better practitioner for neurodivergent and gender-expansive clients

2. Training: From Burnout to Flourishing, especially for organizations facing this issue. Co-created/facilitated with Sandra Sarrucia.

Please direct inquiries to, or use the form on the Contact page.

Speaking & Teaching

Mattia in red shirt against a dark background

Coaching Philosophy

AuDHD Flourishing is a strengths-based and holistic approach. Every aspect of your life is interconnected and affects your overall well-being. Coaching from someone who understands your neurotype is an excellent addition to a care team, and it is not sufficient if you're facing health or mental health challenges that require licensed support. Our coaching sessions focus on developing your strengths, feeling better first, and building resilient life supports. We use evidence-based techniques and strategies to help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Mattia cares more about how you feel than what your external accomplishments may look like. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to build the foundation. When you're feeling good and ready to accelerate, we'll do that in a way that feels safe to your nervous system. That way, it can be sustainable without requiring a coach. In short, great coaching teaches you to work with your own brain so you can figure things out on your own, also! Sovereignty and self-trust are key.

What to do next...

Free Resources

Ready to dive into a rabbit hole of research or information? Awesome! This site has a searchable Resources blog—that's a great place to start. 

And if you're still catching up on the AuDHD Flourishing podcast, here's a starter kit.

Hear Updates

If you're intrigued, aren't ready to make a decision, want to learn more, or just don't want to forget... you can sign up for the email list here to stay in touch and hear occasional updates.

Ask a Question

Guess what? Neurodivergent people ask a lot of questions, and I love it! 

Please check the FAQ page first, and if your question isn't answered there's a link at the bottom of that page to send your question or message.

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