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The AuDHD Flourishing podcast launched in June 2023 and reached 137,000 downloads in its first year. It's currently in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide!

Mattia has an audio engineering background and is currently helping edit/produce two other podcasts. You can email them if you're interested in podcast production services. 


If you'd like to suggest ​a topic or guest, make a comment, or give general feedback & suggestions about the podcast, please use the contact form

If you're interested in being a guest on the podcast yourself, please fill out this application form. Please note that we will not feature any guests who promote intentional weight loss or other fatphobic content.

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Sign up for Mattia's newsletter, Nothing Wrong With Us. It really is a newsletter, not email marketing ;) Free resources, and a way to reach out directly if you have thoughts or comments!

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