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Client Stories

Below are some stories and responses from clients. In Examples of Typical Results, there are some amalgamations of average results...because average results give you the best sense of what to expect.

All testimonials are shared with permission, which is why some are anonymous. I care more about deep and ongoing consent than looking cool! 

Examples of Typical Results

Clients Share:

Just Be Your Bad Self Kimber Dutton podcast

It was a relief to feel like what I was going through was totally normal, and that they had ways to help me. They didn't act like I just hadn't tried hard enough. I didn't feel like I had to get gold stars. I felt like I could be honest, and that they could take me there, and that there was nothing wrong with the way I was.

Kimber Dutton, Just Be Your Bad Self podcast

"I am unstuck! Yay yay yay!"

Tricia Bolender, after the popular Get Unstuck session

Cedar's story (after 6 sessions)

"I learned old dry stack stone masonry years ago. We cracked granite boulders with a 2-pound hammer and metal wedge. It required intuitively reading the stone's grain patterns, then sending mini-shock waves through the nail wedge to crack micro fissures through the interior bonds. Weakening them. Until. Suddenly. The granite boulder pops inside and cleaves into pieces by your feet.


"A similar thing happened to my entire being last week when something finally cracked open inside me. While our work may not have struck the final blow, each and every tap along the inner ridges holding me away from knowing who I was meant to be have been critical. 


"I no longer feel like a captive of the limiting beliefs, judgments and expectations of those who don't see me, don't get me, and don't have any idea what I'm capable of.


"I no longer care as deeply how I'm perceived by those who are incapable or unwilling to do so accurately. I'm listening to that quiet voice inside myself above all else now. I believe myself now. I know myself. I know I belong. I know I'm valuable as a human being.


"I know I can help others and make an impact in this life. I know I'm not alone, nor do I have to be alone anymore to be safe. I know people like you get it and care and are cheering me on, just as I get you, care about you and cheer you on, too. I'm grateful I found you and that you grabbed my hand when I reached out for help."

Get Unstuck

It may sound surprising, but Mattia has tons of experience helping people feel better in just one session. It's been described as "magic" many times!

It's not about fixing your whole life at once, it's about clarity and comfort to take the next step. Sometimes you just need to have someone hear and understand your particular AuDHD struggles, and help you find your own wisdom. Because it's cheesy but true: the answer really is already within you!

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