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Hi, I'm Mattia Maurée

In 2014 I finished grad school for music composition, realized I needed to go no-contact with my parents, and was breaking up with the person I thought was the love of my life. I was burned out and barely had the energy to do anything except play my favorite phone game. 

Ten years later, my life looks very different, and I'm passionate about helping other AuDHD-ers speed up that process through self-knowledge, feeling better first, and supportive community.

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My Story

Getting through grad school undiagnosed only worked by fueling myself with pure adrenaline-perfectionism-anxiety. Multiple diagnoses didn't explain my experiences, and I felt not only broken but unfixable. 

An ADHD diagnosis in 2017 explained a lot, but not everything. I was also struggling with several comorbid physical conditions including hEDS. The chronic pain and occasional medical emergencies added to feeling like I might not get better. The idea of "meeting my potential" felt totally impossible (yay gifted kid problems), but I still felt pressure to perform.

When my therapist suggested looking into autism in 2019, I was floored by what I found. It explained everything else about my life! It became a new special interest, and I consumed info from professionals, Autistic adults, and the growing neurodivergent community online. 

In 2020 I started coaching (accidentally) when music students kept asking me for broader creative and life support. Later that year I began my first coaching certification, and quickly realized that neurodivergent folks were who I wanted to serve. 

As I worked with more clients, I kept seeking new techniques and modalities to accommodate every comfort level and nervous system. A few certifications include Somatic Parts Work, Integrative Hypnosis, and being a Board Certified Hypnotherapist through IACT.

I know from experience and observation that it's possible to feel a lot better. At the same time, there's no quick fix for the ways in which we are disabled by the world around us (i.e. the social model of disability). The reason I focus on quick wins and feeling better first is in part because we need the brain chemicals to help fuel larger, long-term projects around creating a life that actually works for us. 

I'm committed to making free and accessible resources, for so many reasons! There are too many paywalls and gatekeeping around what I think of as basic information. I also feel strongly that there should be affordable options no matter where someone is in their journey. 

My special interests / monotropic focus areas include: Arctic puffins, the neuroscience of trauma healing & neurodivergence, the gut-skin-brain axis, theoretical physics, sci-fi novels, music and poetry that create a big emotional impact.

Mattia's Experience

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