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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions I get about my work. You're welcome to reach out if you haven't found what you're looking for!

AuDHD Questions

Brief overviews of common questions people send

What is AuDHD?

AuDHD is shorthand for Autism + ADHD. Until the 1990s, you couldn't be diagnosed with both in the United States. Women, non-binary folks, and the global majority are still significantly under-diagnosed in the United States.

Is my self-diagnosis valid?

Yes!! There are many reasons to either not seek or not receive a formal diagnosis. Additionally, because I'm not a clinician and don't work with diagnostic labels, I will respect any preferred terms around your neurodivergence.

This podcast episode, What is AuDHD (& do you have it)? is a starting point from my layperson's and personal perspective.

When & why did Mattia get diagnosed?

I initially sought an ADHD diagnosis in 2017 because I was miserable and struggling. It was somewhat helpful. When a therapist pointed me towards autism a couple of years later, it explained everything. I received a formal autism diagnosis in Jan 2021. I wanted the "official" label if it was a significant part of my public presence and work. Also so I can talk to clients from personal experience if they're considering diagnosis... there are upsides and downsides!

Can you coach me...

... if I'm depressed or experiencing suicidal ideation? No, Mattia is not equipped for this.

... if I'm not sure if I'm AuDHD? Yes, all neurodivergent folks are welcome!


... if I can't afford it? Like Your Brain has accessible ongoing support, including group coaching. The podcast is a great place for free resources!

... if nothing I've tried has worked before? Maybe! It's pretty common for AuDHD folks to have bad experiences with practitioners. That said, this is not a substitute for therapy.

What are your privacy practices? What if I require a high level of privacy?

None of our resources ever sell or share your private info. 


The podcast transcripts are a Google Doc, which could show your name if you're logged in. You can use an incognito window, or access them while logged out.

If you join Like Your Brain, you're welcome to use a pseudonym. If you require an extra layer of privacy, consider individual coaching rather than group spaces.

Mattia never shares client quotes or stories without permission. They sometimes talk about clients in a general way. If you request that nothing about you be shared even in a general or aggregate way, they will always honor that. (Note that they might still talk about other clients in an aggregate way that happens to overlap with your experience. We have a lot in common!)

Can Mattia help make my materials more neurodivergent-affirming?

Yes, this is something I love helping with! Many of the elements that increase neurodivergent-affirming accessibility actually help everyone. It's quite worthwhile to make your course, program, event, etc ND-friendly.

You can book a session here to get started. We'll dive into your materials and identify anything that might need to be added or changed. One session is often enough! If you end up needing more time, we can figure that out at the end of the call. 

Publicity Questions

Questions about the podcast and other public opportunities.

Can I be on your podcast?

Most guests are AuDHD and/or have specialized knowledge about this neurotype. Ideal topics are practical, inspiring/encouraging, and/or informative about specific aspects of AuDHD life. 

If you're a great fit for the podcast, you can fill out this form

Do podcast guests have to be AuDHD?

No, though most of them are!

If you want to recommend someone and you're not sure how they identify, there are two ways to do that. First, you can have them reach out directly via this form. Or instead, you can reach out via the form on the Contact page to suggest a guest.

Is Mattia available to speak at my event?

Mattia loves speaking, teaching, and facilitating. Due to their schedule and sensory needs, virtual and local events (Philadelphia area) are easier than significant travel. That said, for the right event they can make it work!

The more advanced notice, the better, so feel free to reach out even if your event or program is still in the design stage. Send inquiries to, or use the Contact page form.

Arts & Creative Questions

Mattia is also an interdisciplinary composer and used to have a full teaching studio. They are not currently taking private music students in most cases.

Where can I hear your music?

Partial portfolio available at If you're looking for something specific, feel free to reach out, as I have many more recordings not currently online.

Will you teach me?

Generally, I'm no longer taking private music students while I focus on the coaching business and my own art-making. By the way, this is a great example of monotropism at work... when I have too many projects going, I combust!

That said, I am open to teaching Autistic composition students, especially if we have other things in common. You may inquire at

Can we collaborate?

love collaborative projects! That said, I'm at capacity for music until 2025. 

If you have an interesting project with a shorter timeline (i.e. session recording), or for late 2024 or later—for violin, voice, piano, songwriting, toplining, lyrics, or composition—reach out at

Have another question?

I'd love to hear from you!

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