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Let's connect!

This is a space to: 

  • Share your experience with the podcast

  • Ask questions not yet on the FAQ page

  • Suggest a topic or resource for the podcast or blog

  • Inquire about working together (More specific prompts on the How Can I Help form here)

You can expect a personal response within five business days, unless you specify that you're just reaching out.

Welcome 👋

This is an anti-perfectionist, unshaming space. If you want to reach out, whatever you say is enough for now!

If phone is more accessible, you can leave a message at ‪(617) 863-6786‬

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Thanks for sharing! Please feel free to come back and fill this out again if you remember anything you forgot :)

" doesn't cross my mind that you'd be unkind because you're so empathetic and intentionally kind."


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