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Hello, you're in the right place

If you heard Mattia on a podcast, you're probably here to learn more about living well with AuDHD.

Wherever you are in your journey, you may have questions! A few common questions below link to podcast episodes that answer in-depth. 

frequent questions

AuDHD Flourishing podcast cover image. Living awesomely with autism + ADHD

AuDHD Flourishing is in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide!

1 / Am I actually AuDHD?

"What is AuDHD (& do you have it?)" is the first episode of Mattia's podcast, AuDHD Flourishing. The show notes include the questions that have resonated with many listeners.  

2 / Why does life feel so hard?

"You Are Not a Burden" tells the vulnerable story of a meltdown Mattia had. Sensory issues, communication difficulties, and emotional overwhelm turned into a really rough day. Sharing it is about unshaming, and explaining some of the reasons life can be so hard.

3 / What if I'm struggling with money?

Many AuDHD folks struggle with money! You may have experienced underemployment, being underpaid, and/or being discriminated against in your career. "Poverty is Not Your Fault" is an episode about the systemic issues around this, including some AuDHD-specific issues such as impulsive spending.

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Why I Do This Work

My name is Mattia Maurée

Having undiagnosed neurodivergent parents, and six younger siblings, I struggled mightily until I learned I was AuDHD in my early 30s.

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