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YearCompass: free annual planning tool

YearCompass is a free tool for closing out the current year and planning the next one.

Planning on any scale can be complicated for AuDHD folks, and most of us have preferences for how far out we can plan. So as always, take what works from this tool and ignore the rest!

My experience with YearCompass:

I've only done the full process once before, in 2019, and seeing it all laid out was the first step in a multi-year process of changing how I approach work. Which is to say, it can be helpful... and also it can be a 10+ hour process depending on how much time you put into it!

The step that takes the most time is "The Past Year." Here are the instructions: "Go through last year's calendar week by week. If you see an important event, family gathering, friendly get-together or a significant project, write it down here."

I spent about 3 hours last week on that step, though I was writing them down in a Word doc because I wasn't sure how much space I'd need. While this is the most time-consuming step, for me personally it's the most useful because it gives me a birds eye view of the year despite my time blindness.

Who I recommend YearCompass to:

  • If your time blindness makes it difficult to reflect on longer periods of time

  • If your view of the past year feels very positive or negative. The questions help you reflect on both wins and challenges in a useful way.

  • If you find it satisfying to complete these kinds of questions (check out the free workbook to find out if they appeal to you)

  • If you have goals for next year that feel extremely important and/or time-sensitive

Close 2023 | Plan 2024 (picture from YearCompass site this year)
Pic from YearCompass site


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