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Planning Annual Intentions Workshop

Set a personal intention or three for the new year that feels motivating and interesting to you.

The reason I'm focusing on feelings and personal aims is that we often put our best energy into professional life, relationships, other people, and generally things we think we're supposed to do. If there's something that makes you feel really good, elevating it to an annual goal/intention can help everything else flow more easily in your life.

Traditional goal-setting starts with where you want to "arrive." We start with how you want to FEEL, and what helps you feel that way. Of course you can also use this method for any area of your life such as career.

Note on the recording: This was from a live workshop in Like Your Brain, and for client privacy I cut their speech. As I note at the beginning, I cut any of my answers that don't make sense without the question. The full call including everyone's comments is over on the Like Your Brain community.

The questions if you want to write about them:

  • What makes you happy, feel good, etc (or however else you want to feel)? Or what kinds of experiences do you enjoy (what brings you pleasure or is interesting to you)? When you think about times you feel good, or like the way you're feeling, how might you describe that? 

  • What activities, situations, people etc support you in experiencing or feeling that way? Are there any patterns you notice when you think about the times that you've felt this way?

  • What are some potential goals that might move you toward that?

  • Is there one that stands out that you'd like to work with? What might this look like for next year? What's feeling like something you could feasibly start moving toward soonish?

  • What do you need to support this? What do you already have at your disposal that might support it? What would you need to add to your life in terms of people, resources, learning, time, actual physical objects, etc to support this potential intention or desire?

At the end I mention the New Year: Map Your Intention session if you want individual support around intentions.

Bonus: for folks who check out by Dec 25th, I'll also be providing a bonus follow-up email with suggested resources that I'll research for you after our call.

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