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Finding an Inclusive and Affirming Therapist for AuDHD (including a site for neurodivergent therapists)

People ask me all the time how to find a great therapist! Many AuDHD Folks have had negative experiences with therapists questioning their neurodivergence journey, and/or not being well-versed in their other intersectional identities.

For example, I prefer having a therapist who's knowledgable about gender expansiveness/trans issues, polyamory, autism, ADHD, trauma, and a few other things in my background and daily life. And yes, it can be hard to find someone like that!

Here are two different websites to search to find a therapist who works for you. Neurodivergent therapist listings

As the name suggests, all therapists on this site are neurodivergent themselves. Most US states, as well as a handful of other countries have listings, and therapists can also join the directory.

You choose your location, and can browse the page of results.

Downside: the site doesn't currently have an easy way to search other than location. However, you can come up with a list of keywords important to you, then use your browser's search function to search keywords. That's how I found my current therapist, who's amazing!

If you have other identity needs, Inclusive Therapists is the easiest site of its kind for search terms.

On the front page, you can select from a dropdown including the therapist's overall Focus, Insurance accepted, Languages spoken, Office Facilities (i.e. accessibility) and Practice Locations, Provider's Identity, and specific Services offered. Then another drop-down menu lets you select from there.

There's also a Keyword & Zip Code search option up top.

If you search their map by location, you can select things such as "Reduced Fee Teletherapy or Virtual Services," "Medication Management or Prescription," etc.

While the site is quite searchable, the downside is that the providers are a bit clumped by location, i.e. there aren't as many available as on ND Therapists in many locations.

One more resource:

If you're in Washington or Oregon state in the US, (the site of a specific therapist that someone I know recommended) offers courses such as Dating for Autistics, Life With Your Autistic Partner, etc.

She's working on courses available in any location, and offers therapy in Oregon, Washington State, Florida, Maine and New York.


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