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Neurodivergent Psychedelic Conference: discussing psychedelics for neurodivergent people

The second annual Neurodivergent Psychedelic Conference is an online event Saturday, Feb 3 2024 hosted on Zoom.

All sliding-scale tickets ($10/$25/$50/$100 with suggestions of which to pick) include access to the recorded calls for one month starting Feb 17th when they're sent out.

I attended last year (some live, mostly recorded) and while I didn't catch everything, what I did hear was awesome! Very affirming, grounded, accessible, and mindful of a wide variety of experiences.

You don't need to be "into" psychedelics to attend! I have zero experience with most of what people were talking about. However, it was fascinating to hear about the range of experiences.

It was also the only space I've heard those kinds of open discussions on realistic and safe approaches to psychedelics for neurodivergent people (all by and for us)!

For me it built safety through gaining information.

I recommend the conference for anyone curious about these topics, whether or not you can attend live or want to listen to everything.

p.s. If you are an expert and want to apply to speak at the conference, you can do that here.

p.p.s. If you're curious about expanded brain states but don't want to do drugs, Mattia is trained in something called Hypnopsychedelic Breathwork, which uses breathwork, light hypnosis, and imagination to reach a temporarily altered state. You can learn more here.



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