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  • Mattia

Strengths-based "Kinetic Cognitive Style" instead of ADHD

Excellent post over on Stimpunks Foundation on the term Kinetic Cognitive Style, an approach to describing ADHD in a strengths-based way rather than a deficit-oriented way. (Similar to monotropism to describe autism.)

Before you jump into the post... know that it's long and has a lot of links, which may be visually overwhelming! If you use tabs, you could open some of the links in other tabs to save for later. I'm also going to summarize the key headers below so you can get an overview first.

Squiger, a Randimal that combines a Tiger and a Squirrel, is passionate and has intense focusing power. Squiger has become our community mascot for KCS/ADHD
Screenshot from article

The post covers:

There are many other links throughout to articles, videos, and other resources. Which is great! But again, may be visually overwhelming, so going in with a plan is a great idea for this long meta-resource.


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