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  • Mattia

Goblin Tools for Your Goblin Brain

Goblin Tools is a fantastic set of free online tools "designed to help neurodivergent people with tasks they find overwhelming or difficult."

The tool I personally use the most is the Compiler, which takes a brain dump and turns it into a list of tasks. (Which you can then send to the Magic ToDo to break down tasks as needed.)

The Formalizer can make text more... a lot of things! Formal, informal, friendly, bullet points, more or less emotional. This is amazing for Autistic brains that get stuck on tone.

Speaking of which, The Judge estimates the tone of text. This can be quite validating if you're having a reaction to an email or a text but aren't sure why.

The Estimator says how long a task might take. It can be quite a wide range, but for someone with time-blindness it can be a reality check to see something say "two years" when I was thinking "two months!"

The Chef takes a list of ingredients and other constraints and suggests meal ideas.

Text reads: The Chef. What am I having for lunch? Write what ingredients you have here! You can also write down dietary constraints, serving sizes, equipment, time, or anything else you want the Chef to take into account."
The Chef from

Note that the web version is free, and the mobile apps have a small cost. From their About page: " is offered free and available to all. It will stay free without ads or paywalls. Mobile apps of the tools are offered at a low price (on Android and iOS), which will help cover the running and maintenance costs so the website can stay completely free."


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