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Do any of these classic AuDHD experiences sound similar to yours?

  • Life feels like a game of Tetris that's always on the verge of losing. If you could just go to the woods for six months while the world around you completely stops, you're pretty sure you can figure everything out and get organized!

  • You picked up a skill quickly and monetized it. Now you're bored and struggling to keep up with the work. Emails are falling off the map, you've missed deadlines, and it feels easier to just quit.

  • Looking at the welcome message for yet another course, you click around a bit. This time, you'll definitely come back later. It gets lost in the backlog of tabs. You feel a twinge of guilt about having resources available that you're not using.

  • You've already started and dropped half a dozen careers. It feels like you should be able to turn your experience and skills into success, but you're not sure which option to pursue right now. 

  • You go back and forth between loving and accepting yourself, and feeling confusion or even shame about why life feels so hard. Why does life feel so hard?

You’ve probably tried a bunch of methods, organizational systems, books, or even tools built for neurodivergent people. If they haven’t worked for you, that’s not your fault—the interest-driven AuDHD nervous system has unique strengths and challenges!

Hide and Seek

This method works well for:

  • Recently diagnosed (self or professionally) AuDHD folks figuring out what to do next

  • People who love the support they already have, but sometimes run up against problems and questions that no one around you seems to be able to answer or explain satisfactorily

  • AuDHDers who've learned a lot about their brain, and want to use their strengths

  • Creatives who want to figure out the boring stuff so they can do what they love

  • Neurodivergent entrepreneurs who want a sustainable business

  • Late-diagnosed folks who feel they've lost a lot of time already

  • All genders

This approach works best for folks with / is based on these values:

  • Authenticity

  • Curiosity

  • Kindness, especially toward oneself

  • Self-trust

  • Strengths-based focus 


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