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Love Your Brain Course


Empower your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in Love Your Brain. Designed for AuDHD creatives and entrepreneurs who want to work with their brain and body, and stop fighting them. The three pillars of the course are understanding how your mind-body system works, working with the brain states you have and lessening shame, and getting through even the tough parts of a project. It's ideal for folks who are mid-career and/or have already started their healing journey. Who already know some things that work, but consistently get stuck at some point along the way. The course delves into advanced concepts and strategies that pull all the pieces together. It's possible to feel a lot better AND build a sustainable life! And just like every neurodivergent brain is different, you'll get to choose the elements that work for your unique situation. There is no perfect system, just a series of flexible tools you can use when you understand exactly what's going on internally. Find out more:


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