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I'm Mattia Maurée, AuDHD coach and creative weirdo.

Together, we'll navigate the strengths and challenges of being Autistic and ADHD.

This Resources blog will be an ever-growing collection of

  • Apps & Tech

  • Other cool AuDHD folks including their:

  • Podcast episodes

  • Videos

  • Articles & Research

  • Further learning opportunities

and more, with a focus on free & accessible resources!

Eventually the goal is to have some clear learning pathways to help people get started no matter where they are in their AuDHD journey.

And of course this is all in support of you being able to build a life that works for your brain and body, even if that sounds far-fetched right now.

It's possible to feel a lot better, and hopefully this set of resources will be a helpful guide along the way!


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