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  • Mattia

Emotions Identification App

Animi is an app for anyone who needs help identifying and labeling emotions and/or body sensations. If you have alexithymia, low interoception, or just get overwhelmed by sensations, this app is awesome!

I used it when I was feeling "weird and bad" but wasn't sure why. In retrospect, I might have been able to intellectually figure out what was going on, but the app sped up the process considerably.

These two screenshots are the two main options when you start:

  1. Body sensations: tap a body part and say whether it feels more detached or intense. Keep going for as many body parts as you like

Text: Body sensations. Tap the body parts below and choose on slider how much they feel activated. What type of sensations do you feel in your chest? With image of a bendy art doll
Screenshot of Body sensations from Animi app

2. Emotion compass: Choose a spot on the map for high/low energy and pleasant/unpleasant. You can also move the dot around and see if any of the emotion words above resonate.

Text: Drag the dot to match your internal state and tap fitting emotions below to learn more. Image of a 4x4 grid with high and low energy and pleasant and unpleasant, with emotion words above
Screenshot of Emotion compass from Animi app

My favorite part was the next section after body sensations, which was a Y/N for more sensations that I hadn't noticed. Each selection changed the emotion guesses above.


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